Idiot Driver Nearly Killed Me!!!

On my way to university – literally just as I left my house and went to cross the road, some girl came speeding around a corner onto my street, bearing in mind this street is incredibly narrow, absolutely packed with double parked cars and there’s always children and people’s pets running across the road from between said cars (it’s usually a really quiet street, occupied mainly by pensioners or young families).

The girl sped around a corner which is hidden by our hedges, so I didn’t see her and since I had my earphones in, I couldn’t hear her either, but I still stopped to look before crossing, which probably saved my life. She, however, wasn’t even looking at the road before, during or after the turn. She was more bothered about whoever she was texting and wouldn’t have even seen me if it weren’t for the other people in her car.

It annoyed me for three reasons:

  1. She could have hit me, or anyone else (children, animal, etc).
  2. She could have crashed into another car.
  3. She could have killed the people in her car.

How the hell was she given her license? What if it was a child who was still learning to look both ways before crossing? Or an animal? She wouldn’t have stopped in time. She didn’t even stop at the junction before turning – no indicator, either. It’s a good job I’m used to idiots like that attempting the turn without checking for other cars, otherwise she would’ve hit me.

It’s not rocket science. Keep your phones out of sight and ignore them if they go off. Stop texting and driving before you actually kill someone! Idiot.


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