Noisy Neighbours

So we’ve been living in our semi-detached home for about three years now and at first, it was great. The neighbours were friendly and they even helped fix up our front garden (it was horrendous). To make things seem even greater: the street is quiet. There’s no obnoxious, stumbling drunks at the weekends, there’s no intimidating groups of teenagers and there’s no screaming kids-

Okay, there’s loads of screaming kids, but that’s on the next street and the only reason I can hear them is because my bedroom window is always open during the day.

Recently, however, next door (the once helpful neighbours) have started making an unfair amount of noise. It started off with loud music and bonfires that made my room reek (there’s never any warning about when they start one and like I said: my window is always open during the day to allow fresh air into my room, since it gets way too hot and stuffy at night), but now it’s gotten to a stage where I’m relying on sleeping tablets to be able to get a decent eight hour sleep.

Kids banging on the wall constantly, screaming at one another… I’m not talking about the occasional bang that could be brushed off as one of them dropping something, I mean actually slamming on the wall, throwing things at it, etc. One time, I even heard them telling their youngest sister (who is about six years old) to bang on the wall, too.

As for the screaming… Don’t even get me started!

Their phones are always going off throughout the night, too. Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, texts, the lot. Realising that the walls are probably thin, I always put mine on silent after nine at night, but it annoys me that they don’t have the same kind of consideration.

Just now, as soon as they came home, the eldest daughter (who is about fifteen years old) went straight to her bedroom and started banging nonstop on the wall. I’ve complained to my mum and stepdad several times now, but they say that because they own their own home, there’s nothing we can do about it and besides, they’re just kids being kids.

I’m sorry, but there’s a fine line between kids playing and kids terrorising me because they know they won’t get into trouble for it – at least not off me. The one time I retaliated (seriously lost my shit at them and started screaming), their parents blamed my mum and stepdad for it, giving them shit eye and just genuinely making them feel uncomfortable. Of course that caused tension between me and them, too.

Am I overreacting? Can I complain to someone about it? Will anything even get done?


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