Animal Cruelty

Lately, I’m seeing more and more posts on Facebook about signing petitions and while I used to sign a lot of those petitions, truly believing they actually did something, now I just feel drained whenever I see them.

Last night, a girl I went to school with shared one of those petitions about two Russian girls who were adopting animals out of shelters and then torturing them to death. I didn’t – couldn’t – click on the link, because I knew there’d be even more images that would upset me, and that single picture alone of what they’d done to a puppy had me in tears for an hour straight.

I’m a huge animal lover and it honestly broke my heart not just that they were doing those unforgivable things, but that those animals came from a shelter and believed they were going to their ‘forever home’, where they would be loved and cherished. Honestly, I get emotional just thinking about it and I seriously can’t understand how anyone can do something like that. I feel bad accidentally stepping on my cat! They’re gutting animals and cutting off their legs, all while they’re still alive.

Do those petitions actually work? Or are they merely giving the psychopaths more attention?


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