X-Men: Days of Future Past

Recently, I’ve gotten back into X-Men, after all but forgetting about it for a while. Since First Class, it’s safe to say that I’ve been wary about watching the latest instalments of the franchise, mainly because of all the new actors and their ways of portraying my favourite characters.

It’s safe to say I’m ashamed of myself for not giving it a chance much sooner. It certainly entertained me more than what I thought it would, and I’ve come to really enjoy the new actors.

However, something that really bothered me in Days of Future Past is the character Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat), suddenly developing a new mutant ability that makes her more important and, dare I say, a Mary Sue (something we all despise, even if we won’t admit it). Why does she have such a major role?

I’m not a Rogue fan-girl by a long shot, but wouldn’t it have made more sense for her to somehow come across someone with that particular ability (of sending someone to the past) and taking it with her own powers? Considering that Rogue has been captured in Days of Future Past and later appears with gloves on after Logan wakes up, that means she still has her abilities, regardless of having the ‘cure’ in Last Stand. Then again, at the end of Last Stand, Magneto’s powers are already returning to him slowly, but surely.

But that’s another movie!

Does the fact Kitty has this ability mean that all mutants are capable of developing new powers? Honestly, Ellen portrays Kitty as so stiff and tired/bored. Being tired could tie into the film, as she could be exhausted from the war and constantly running from sentinels, but even when she’s teaching at the end of the film, she gives the same impression. But let’s be honest, she’s just as expressive as Kristen Stewart, possibly less.

It would have been much better if they stuck with the Rogue cut, or stuck with Rogue right from the beginning. It simply makes no sense for Kitty to suddenly have new powers.


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