Petition to Sue Schools for Failures?

Some absolute plonker has just tagged me and twenty other people in a post, asking for our email addresses so that he can start a petition. Not just any stupid petition, but so that parents or students can sue their schools if they don’t pass maths or English.

I’m unfortunately not kidding.

I know this guy’s kids – I grew up with them and we’re all around the same age, more or less. They’re smart guys when they really put their minds to it and definitely hard workers. However, they didn’t pass their maths and English GCSE’s, so now he wants to blame the school.

For starters, his eldest son was more interested in voluntary work than school work, choosing to instead spend all his time caring for animals than studying for exams or doing homework. Due to this, his grades slipped. His middle son was a dad by 15, right at the start of his GCSE’s. Obviously, he hasn’t given them his all because he was so drained from raising a child. I see him now and he always tells me that he wishes he tried harder, because he knows he would’ve passed them if he put his mind to it.

His third son is currently sitting his exams, whereas the youngest is only a few months old.

I understand if he felt as though they weren’t supported properly, or offered any help, but I went to the exact same high school as they did and I know that that school goes out of its way to help the students. I was offered one-to-one lessons, or other group extra support lessons – all free of charge, by the way – but I wasn’t interested.

I didn’t want to learn, like many other students. In fact, for my maths exam, I did absolutely no work and instead doodled all over my test paper, earning myself a big, fat ‘U‘. However, once I wanted to learn, I went to college and passed my maths on my first try!

You can’t blame a school for students being unwilling to learn. Many of them go out of their way to help their students. Some students do want to learn, but because of others who don’t want to and instead spend all lesson being idiots, their education suffers, which is why my school went through the trouble of starting up free after school lessons for those who did want to learn.

If kids don’t want to be there, it shows in their work, because they don’t care.

Don’t blame schools and teachers for that!


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