‘One Night With My Ex’

There’s actually a new TV show called ‘One Night With My Ex’ and it’s wound me up so much, so here’s another pointless rant.

There’s not enough money in the world for me to ever consider spending one more night with my ex. I walked out of his life with my head held high after months of physical, emotional and psychological abuse and torment, which ended with me in hospital, so I would never entertain the thought of spending another night with that man. He well and truly fucked my life up.

Like, I understand that not all relationships are the same, but why would you put yourself through that? Just seems pointless to me, because you’re only hurting yourself more. That person is out of your life for a reason.

There’s one woman on there saying she never loved her ex. What is the point of being on the show? What are you hoping to achieve, other than possibly hurting your ex further? Some of the others make sense, don’t get me wrong. One woman says that she stills thinks about her ex, whereas another says she stills loves her ex.

Those make sense. I know how that feels. It feels like there’s unfinished business, or that you need to confront your ex to move on. I was friends with mine for years before we officially got together and he helped me through so much shit. Not only did I lose my boyfriend, but I lost one of my closest friends, too. I was devastated.

But going on the show to tell them they’re a selfish lover? Or that you’re seeing someone else? That’s what Facebook is for. Petty arguments nobody cares about.

I don’t even care if I sound like a bitter ex. Get off my TV looking for your 15 minutes of fame. You’re boring.


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