Required: Previous Experience

Nowadays, nearly every job posting requires all applicants to have previous experience. It makes sense in some cases, such as doctors or practitioners, etc. However, what about the editors or proofreaders?

I’m currently studying for my degree in English language, literature and creative writing and saw a few job openings for editors (home based, which is even better). I have a little bit of experience, but nothing concrete, such as published books or articles. My experience is in fanfiction, where I have proofread and been a ‘BETA’ on a few stories. Due to my lack of experience, however, I didn’t meet their standards.

Thinking nothing of it, I decided to look at other editorial jobs and amongst the multiple listings of the same job (I counted seventeen listings), all others required applicants have experience.

It’s more than a little off-putting. Lately, I’ve taken an interest in becoming an editor for novels. It seems fascinating and fun being able to read several stories, deciding whether they’re suitable to be sent to a publisher. However, not a single listing accepted inexperienced editors, or offered some kind of apprenticeship or voluntary position.

How am I supposed to gain that experience if no one will hire me? How am I supposed to know whether that job is for me?


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